How Do I Nominate To Become A State Team Member?

To be eligible for selection on the 2018 WA State Team, you must do the following:

  • Download and read the Gymnastics WA State Team Policy (also available on previous page)
  • Download and read the State Team Newsletter 1 (available for each gymsport and found on each Gymsports State Team Page)
  • Attend one State Team Uniform Try-on Session and record all uniform sizes required
  • Complete the relevant gymsport online nomination form


Key Nomination Dates for 2018

Head of Delegation - Forms released mid-January, with a due date of 5th February.

Athlete, Judge, Team Management & Coaching Staff - Forms released in early February, with a due date of 26th February


State Team Selection

2018 Selection Meeting dates for each gymsport are listed below.  Nominees are not required to attend these meetings.  The WA State Team will be announced once the selected team has been ratified by the Gymnastics WA Board.

AER - Tuesday 20th March
WAG - Monday 26th March
MAG - Monday 9th April
RG, TRP & ACR - 10th April