Head of Delegation Nominations

Head of Delegation - MAG, WAG, RG, TRP & ACR State Teams

HOD Nomination Forms are due into GWA by 5th February 2018.   For further information regarding the Head of Delegation position on the 2018 State Team, please contact Melissa Read stateteams.events@gymnasticswa.asn.au or 9228 9399.

There are two Head of Delegation (HOD) positions on offer in 2018:

HOD One - Men's & Women's Gymnastics (MAG & WAG)

HOD Two - Rhythmic, Trampoline & Acrobatic Gymnastics (RG, TRP & ACR)

However if there is a single applicant willing to take on both positions (and therefore be in Melbourne for the entire event) then the GWA Board will take any such applications into consideration as well.  The HOD is a fully-funded position which is appointed by the GWA Board.

The 2018 Australian Championships are being held from 21st May - 4th June at Hisense Arena, Melbourne.  Draft dates for each week are as follows:

Week 1 (MAG & WAG) - 21st - 27th May 

Week 2 (RG, TRP & ACR) - 30th May - 3rd June

Note: The above dates are competition dates, not travel dates.  Travel dates are likely to be a day or two either side of the competition dates for each week.

HOD Nominees must:

  • Have demonstrated ability or have previous experience in a Team Management or Head of Delegation role
  • Demonstrate leadership ability
  • Show qualities of empathy, patience and initiative
  • Have the ability to multi-task
  • Have any other qualifications and/or skills which may contribute to a successful team experience
  • Fulfil any other criteria as outlined in the HOD Job Description (attached below)
  • Purchase their own State Team Uniform
  • Be prepared to supply a personal credit card for any incidentals when collecting the hire vehicles (any charges will be reimbursed by GWA if applicable)

Successful applicants will be notified shortly following selection at the February 2018 GWA Board Meeting.

GWA State Team Policies

The following documents can be found on the Policies page on the GWA Website:

  • GWA State Team Policy (includes selection criteria)
  • GWA Discipline & Appeal Policy (include Injury Petitions)
  • GWA Member Protection Policy Part D - Code of Conduct
  • GWA Social Media & Communications Policy

All nominees for the HOD must be familiar with the content of each policy, so please take the time to review them every year prior to submitting a nomination form.  Updates to GWA Policies occur annually (Jan/Feb). Should changes to any of the above policies occur, all nominees will be notified accordingly and will need to agree to any amendments and / or additions.

State Team Uniforms

Successfully selected HOD's will get the opportunity to order State Team uniform along with the remainder of the team in April 2018.  The dates for the uniform try-on sessions, as well as a list of uniform items required by each State Team member can be found on the Uniforms page on the GWA website.

State Team Management Meetings

The Head of Delegation is required to attend State Team Planning Meetings along with the GWA staff and the Team Manager / Head Coach for each gymsport.  Meeting dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday 18th April (HOD, Head Coach & Team Manager)
  • Wednesday 9th May (HOD & Team Manager only)

Please mark these dates in your diary now, as it is essential that the Head of Delegation is present at these meetings.

Team Management Roles & Responsibilities