RHYTHMIC Skools is an exciting Rhythmic Gymnastics Participation Program, conducted in schools, that aims to introduce basic rhythmic movement patterns within a fun and challenging program, culminating in the development of a Rhythmic Gymnastics routine that can be entered into a state or national competition. RHYTHMIC Skools therefore consists of both a participation program and a supporting event structure.

The program is aimed at school aged children and youths aged between 7 - 18 years of age (Year 2 - 12), with both sexes actively encouraged to participate.
The RHYTHMIC Skools program aims to provide a grass roots entry level participation program for school students and their teachers wanting to get involved in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Research indicated to Gymnastics Australia that the entry level for Rhythmic Gymnastics was perceived as too technical and difficult to implement in a school environment without specific Rhythmic Gymnastics knowledge. With this in mind the RHYTHMIC Skools Program was developed.

The program requires no previous knowledge or experience on behalf of either the teacher or students and provides a sequential program of skill development over three separate levels (i.e. Level 1, 2 and 3). In Kit No. 1 the ball and hoop apparatus are used in each level providing a total of 6 routines to choose from. The kit also includes a DVD with video footage of the routines performed by by an individual student, a music CD with 6 tracks of music, choreography notes and the teaching guidelines that includes the rules and regulations.
It is important for Gymnastics Australia to receive your feedback on the RHYTHMIC Skools program. This information is vital to ensure future programs are meeting the needs of the school system as well as developing the students ongoing interest in the sport.

Please email your comments on the program to the Rhythmic Gymnastics Program Manager at Gymnastics Australia on erennes@gymnastics.org.au.


The RHYTHMIC Skools Kit is an essential component of the RHYTHMIC Skools program. It includes the music, detailed choreography notes, rules and the performance of the routines on DVD. Additional routines wil be developed annually and launched at the start of each new school year. This is to ensure that students and teachers choosing to participate in the program on an onging basis are provided with some variety and choice, when it comes to selecting routines to develop.