9th February 2021

WAG Judges Ready For Action!

On Sunday 7th February, the WAG Judges Committee presented a full day updating workshop for our Advanced and FIG Judges.  In a Covid safe environment complete with masks,  20+ participants plus 6 judges participating over Zoom enjoyed a busy day re-calibrating our judging brains, judging lots of routines and enjoying each others company after such a quiet judging year in 2020. All apparatus were covered in an informative way by our Presenters - Allana Slater, Desiree Jones, Tracy Holmes and Michelle McMurdo. Melissa Read had the huge task of being our Zoom guru and made sure the Zoom participants could be completely involved.

All judges who attended are now updated and ready to judge the upcoming Qualification competitions. A further opportunity to update will be on this Sunday 14th February at the WAG TC Control Test open to all National 8-10 and International Levels athletes.  WAG Judges will need to have attended either of the two updates to be eligible to judge at QC#1.