2 September 2020

Gymnastics Great Conquers Ninja Warrior Yet Again!

Olympian and West Australian gymnastics great, Olivia Vivian returned to Australian Ninja Warrior for 2020. Not only is Olivia one of only 17 Ninjas to run in all four seasons, but she is also one of only five women to compete in every season.  

As a leader throughout the seasons Olivia says on Instagram "I have found a deep passion and larger purpose to inspire other females and younger girls to believe in themselves and chase their dreams."

Her strength, flexibility and drive allows Olivia to race through the Ninja obstacle course with no worries at all. She masters all that is thrown her way and even came up against fellow Ninja and partner, Ben Polson in a head to head heat. With a positive mindset and a deafening crowd, Olivia stayed with Ben the whole way until right at the end where he beat her to the buzzer in a photo finish!

Olivia went on the amazingly solidify one of the twelve spots into the Grand Final, which will be a race against the clock. Not only did Olivia make it to the Grand Final but she was the ONLY female left in the competition. Making it through the terrifying stage one of the Grand Final, Olivia mentioned how honoured she was to be in the top 8. The end of Olivia's history making run came in stage 2, where she became the only female competitor worldwide to reach the second stage of the Grand Final.

Following the Australian Ninja Warrior, both Olivia and partner Ben Polson went on to compete for Western Australia in the first State of Origin Ninja Warrior series. WA took out the title of Australia's first ever Ninja Warrior State of Origin champions, despite having to finish the night with one ninja out. 

If this title wasn't enough, Olivia then went on to compete for Team Australia in the second season of American Ninja Warrior - USA vs. The World where Team Australia brought home the trophy. What an experience and also an incredible achievement. Olivia is such a great role model to young females, demonstrating such perseverance, strength and overall positivity in all levels of competition as well as working incredibly in teams. 

Having a gymnastics background has really aided Olivia's performance throughout the Ninja experience. Gymnastics teaches you how to generate swing which makes a massive difference in being able to conserve energy as the Ninjas take on the course. 

Check out some of the fantastic runs from Olivia Vivian in 2020 here: