Gymnastics WA will be providing an update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 1:00pm. All updates and club templates can be found below with new information will be marked in orange text. 

As you are aware, at present there is growing concern around the Coronavirus (COVID–19) and this highlights the need as an organisation to be alert but not alarmed. Gymnastics WA has put measures to help protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all members by adopting recommendations outlined by the Australian Government Department of Health and the World Health Organisation.

Whilst the Department of Health advises that the risk of transmission in Western Australia remains low, they are monitoring the situation and we are acting on their advice to take any necessary precautions for Member Clubs, Gymnastics WA Staff and Board, Technical Committees and Technical Members. The current focus is on preparation in advance of COVID-19 and precautions that can be put in place to slow its transmission.

Western Australians should remain alert, but not be alarmed.

It is important that as a gymnastics community we apply a common sense, factual and practical approach to COVID-19. Responses to questions from athletes, parents and the wider community need to be consistent and only provide information which we know to be factual and is provided through the Department of Health, or the information included in the Gymnastics WA updates.

The Department of Health has a snapshot on the situation in Western Australia here

Gymnastics WA has been working very hard to maintain operations, to work with clubs and to run events where possible in the midst of a dynamic environment. Please stay up to date by reading the most current update below: