14 May 2019

Cairo Leicester Pursues Excellence at Suzuki World Cup

Written by Cairo Leicester

From 10-15th April I had the honour of representing Australia as a coach at the Aerobic Gymnastics Suzuki World Cup, held in Tokyo. I was particularly humbled to be in attendance at this competition with NDGC athlete Rebecca Osborne who competed in the Age Group 1 competition. The Suzuki World Cup is a competition which I had competed at previously as an athlete, so I was grateful to be able to have my first Australian Team coaching role at an event which I was familiar with.

On this tour I was surrounded by experienced coaching and management staff who had been members of a number of Australian Team tours in the past. By being involved with such a high calibre coaching team I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge and support I received from Gaia Brambilla (NSW), Angela McMillian (VIC), and team manager (and high performance coordinator for Aerobic Gymnastics) Nicky Donaldson (QLD). Being on the floor with this team allowed me to enhance my coaching style, learning from the way they communicated with their athletes and prepared them for competition days.

The conversations that I had with the coaching and management team were insightful throughout the tour, and gave me a better understanding of where Australia is heading in our development of our presence in Aerobic Gymnastics on a global scale. The team were able to provide feedback to me on my coaching style and role, in addition to further feedback on Rebecca, particularly her development and performance during the tour. The tour also provided me the opportunity to network with international players in Aerobic Gymnastics, and see the global trends in our sport first hand.

I cannot downplay the value that this experience has given me as a coach. Returning to Australia and NDGC, I was motivated with new ideas to share and training regimes to implement. Heading into the National Championships in a few weeks I am feeling more confident thanks to the experiences I gained from the Suzuki World Cup Tour.

Thank you to Gymnastics WA for supporting me in this coaching endeavour. The High Performance grant allowed me to grow my knowledge and passion for Aerobic Gymnastics, and provided me the means to support our athlete Rebecca Osborne in her pursuit of excellence at the competition.