Want to host a State Team Qualification Competition?

As was done for the first time in 2018, Gymnastics WA will once again offer one of the State Team Qualification Competitions for MAG, RG, TRP & ACR out to clubs to run in 2019.  The Event Hosting Guide attached below outlines the Roles & Responsibilities of both Gymnastics WA and the Host Clubs in delivering these events in 2019 and is a handy tool for assisting clubs with delivery key events.  

The club hosted qualification events for MAG, RG, TRP & ACR are being held at various times throughout March (refer to the 2019 Events Calendar and the first page of the Event Hosting Guide for exact dates) and applications are now open for clubs to apply to host one of these qualification events in 2019.

Any clubs interested in hosting one of the upcoming qualification events on behalf of Gymnastics WA will need to carefully read through the Event Hosting Guide and then do the following:
- Complete and return the below Application Form
- Complete and return the Apparatus Standards Checklist (also attached below) if the event is not being held at the State Gymnastics Centre.
- Complete and return the Risk Assessment Form (available on the third tab of the Application Form) as required.

The supplied Apparatus Standards are fairly high and therefore it is acknowledged that not all clubs wanting to host the event at their club may be able to meet the standards outlined in the document.  Should you want to host the event at your club but you are not be able to meet the standards listed in the checklist, then you will simply need to note this on the checklist and then complete an appropriate section on the Risk Assessment Form to outline what the club is planning on doing to minimise any potential risks within their venue.  For 2019, only the RG Qualification event is required to be held at the State Gymnastics Centre, with the MAG, TRP & ACR Club Hosted Qualification Competitions be able to run at an external venue.  

Completed Event Hosting Forms are due to be submitted to info@gymnasticswa.asn.au by Wednesday 12th December.  After this date, Gymnastics WA will review all application forms, apparatus standards and risk assessment forms (if required) and determine which club has been successful in their application.  Successful clubs will be notified prior to the Gymnastics WA office closure on 18th December where possible.

If you have any questions about hosting a qualification event on behalf of Gymnastics WA, please contact Melissa Read on 9228 9399 or stateteams.events@gymnasticswa.asn.au
2019 Event Hosting Guide
(Adobe PDF File)
Application Form
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
MAG Apparatus Standards
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
TRP Apparatus Standards
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
ACR Apparatus Standards
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)