Gymnastics WA Board Announcements

The Gymnastics WA Board is pleased to announce the re appointed of Karon Williams as the Gymnastics WA President and the appointment of Desiree Jones as Vice President as of the May 2018 Board Meeting.

At the May Board Meeting, the Board also appointed the Members of the Finance and Audit Committee and the Governance and Risk Committee.

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Linda Hadfield (Chairperson)
  • Guy Osborne
  • Rick Elkington


    Governance and Risk Committee

  • Desiree Jones (Chairperson)
  • Steve Chetkovich
  • Kim Tarzan

The appointments have been made as per the Constitution, Board Charter and Terms of Reference.

The Board would also like to welcome the newest elected member to the Board, Kim Tarzan. Kim was elected at the AGM held on the 22 April along with Rick Elkington and Desiree Jones being re-elected.

Section 28, Election of President and Vice President

  1. The Board at its first meeting after the AGM shall choose from its members two Directors to serve as President and Vice President for their elected terms.
  1. If the current President or Vice President are not up for re-election or are re-elected they shall retain their positions until the next Board Meeting after the AGM.
  2. If the current President or Vice President stand down or are not re-elected, the new Board shall meet immediately after the AGM to choose Directors to fill that position/s.
  3. The positions of President and Vice President may be changed at any time by a special majority of the Board at a scheduled or specially convened Board Meeting in accordance with the Board Charter.