2018 Australian Championships Wrap-Up
The 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships returned to Melbourne's Hisense Arena for two weeks of action packed gymnastics from 21st May - 3rd June.  Week 1 showcased Men's Artistic (MAG) and Women's Artistic (WAG) Gymnastics, whereas Week 2 has Rhythmic (RG), Trampoline (TRP) and Acrobatic (ACR) Gymnastics.  The WA State Team had representatives from all five gymsports, with numbers increasing from 139 in 2017 to 155 in 2018.  Our larger team did not disappoint, with WA athletes winning a total of 62 medals - 15 Gold, 21 Silver and 26 Bronze - throughout the event.  Adding another dimension to Australian Championships this year was the fact that the event doubled as a qualification event for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in our four Olympic gymsports MAG, WAG, RG & TRP. 

Highlights for Week 1 included the All Around Gold Medal won by Matthew Roberts (High Flyers) in the MAG Level 8 U14 division and the All Around Silver Medals won by WAG athletes Olena Edmeades (Vital / NCE) and Emma Morris (Vital) in the Future International and Level 10 Junior Divisions respectively.  Highlights for Week 2 included the individual Gold Medals won by Sienna Williams (High Flyers) in U11 Trampoline and Christian Lambie (Southern Star) in U17 Trampoline, as well as the International Team Medals won by our female Tramp and Double Mini teams.

Notable Results in each gymsport include:

Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Level 7 U12 - Nathaniel Inouye (High Flyers) - 5th Rings
Level 7 Open - Jayden Sarich (NDGC) - SILVER Floor, GOLD Vault
Level 7 Open - Josiah Hunter (Forefront) - BRONZE Pommel
Level 7 Open - Joel Humich (Forefront) - GOLD Rings, 6th P-Bars
Level 7 Open - Ryan Inouye (High Flyers) - GOLD High Bar
Level 8 U14 - Team BRONZE - Matther Roberts, Aarav Ronghe (NDGC), Taj Garmony (High Flyers) & Luc Van Niel (NDGC)
Level 8 U14 - Matthew Roberts - GOLD AA, SILVER Floor, SILVER Pommel, 5th Rings, GOLD P-Bars, 4th High Bar
Level 8 U14 - Taj Garmony - 4th Vault
Level 8 U14 - Aarav Ronghe - 6th Vault
Level 8 Open - Team BRONZE - Max Chapman (Star-Mites), Aaron Antonas (Star-Mites), Jakeb Hynes (NDGC), Todd Brinkworth (High Flyers), Jason Ciccotosto (Star-Mites)
Level 8 Open - Max Chapman - 6th AA, BRONZE Rings
Level 8 Open - Jason Ciccotosto - 5th Floor
Level 8 Open - Todd Brinkworth - GOLD Pommel, 4th High Bar
Level 8 Open - Aaron Antonas (Star-Mites) - SILVER Rings
Senior International - Jake Thompson (High Flyers) - 6th AA

Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Level 7 - Sophie Corrie (Active) - 6th Floor (Junior)
Level 8 - Denya Paterson (Vital) - 4th Beam, SILVER Floor (Junior)
Level 8 - Amy Royle (Vital) - 4th AA, 6th Beam, BRONZE Floor (Senior)
Level 8 - Selina Warburton (West Coast) - BRONZE Vault, 5th Beam (Senior)
Level 9U - Maddison Potter (Star-Mites / NCE) - 6th Vault
Level 9U - Brooke Missen (Star-Mites / NCE) - 4th Bars
Level 9O - Team BRONZE - Taya Lewis-Smith (NDGC), Megan Grayden (NDGC), Isabel Weir (Active), Sarah Harvey (Vital), Tiesha Arfah (Vital), Hayley Vezich (Active), Kayla Nguyen (West Coast), Emily Foot (NDGC)
Level 9O - Taya Lewis-Smith - BRONZE Vault, 6th Beam, 5th Floor (Junior)
Level 9O - Tiesha Arfah - SILVER Bars (Junior)
Level 9O - Hayley Vezich (Active) - BRONZE Floor (Junior)
Level 9O - Kayla Nguyen (West Coast) - 5th Beam (Senior)
Level 10 - Team BRONZE - Lauren O'Brien (Star-Mites), Amanda Edwards (Vital), Keara Nel (West Coast), Emma Morris (Vital), Kayla Nel (West Coast), Claire Butterfield (NDGC)
Level 10 - Emma Morris - SILVER AA, SILVER Bars, BRONZE Beam, BRONZE Floor (Junior)
Level 10 - Amanda Edwards - 4th AA, BRONZE Beam, BRONZE Floor (Senior)
Level 10 - Lauren O'Brien - 4th Vault (Senior)
Level 10 - Kayla Nel - GOLD Floor (Senior)
Future - Team BRONZE - Sam Powell (Stellar / NCE), Olena Edmeades (Vital / NCE), Angel King (Active / NCE), Hannah Tarzan (Star-Mites / NCE), Olivia De Rossi (NDGC), Paisley-Pearl Backshall (Vital / NCE)
Future - Olena Edmeades - SILVER AA, GOLD Vault, GOLD Bars, 4th Beam, BRONZE Floor
Future - Sam Powell - 4th Vault, 4th Bars
Future - Angel King - 6th Vault
Junior - Clara Kolm (College Park / NCE) - 6th AA, 4th Beam, 5th Floor

Rhythmic Gymnastics 
Level 9 - Fabiana Di Donna (RGA) - 4th Hoop
Level 10 - Linley Worth (RGA) - 5th Clubs
Sub Junior - Nadyashani Igusti (Vital) - 6th AA, BRONZE Ball, BRONZE Freehand
Sub Junior - Bella Ciupac (Vital) - 5th Rope
Pre Junior - Breanna Hopper (RGA) - 6th Freehand
Junior - Jordana Shillington (Vital) - 5th Ball, 6th Clubs
Trampoline Gymnastics 
Under 11 Male Tramp - Tyler Willson (Peak) - SILVER, Jayden Freind (High Flyers) - 4th, Ellis Scanlon (High Flyers) - 6th
Under 11 Male DMT - Max Morris (Star-Mites) - SILVER, Samuel Poole (HIgh Flyers) - 4th, Orlando Bryan (High Flyers) - 6th
Under 11 Male Synchro - Tyler Willson & Jayden Freind - GOLD, Ellis Scanlon & Saige Plowman (Flip Zone) - BRONZE Synchro
Under 11 Female Tramp - Sienna Williams (High Flyers) - GOLD
Under 11 Female Tumbling - Zoe Addis (Peak) - 5th
Under 11 Female Tumbling - Zoe Addis & Ruby Beckett (Flip Zone) - 5th
Under 13 Female DMT - Mia Graham (Southern Star) - 4th
Under 13 Female Synchro - Mia Graham & Evie-May Gallacher (Southern Star) - 4th, Alannah Boseley (High Flyers) & Sienna Williams - 5th
Under 15 Male Tramp - Patrick Freind (High Flyers) - SILVER, Finn O'Keeffe (Southern Star) - BRONZE, Lachlan Goodwin (High Flyers) - 6th
Under 15 Male Synchro - Lachlan Goodwin & Interstate Partner - GOLD, Finn O'Keeffe & Ashton Smith (Southern Star) - BRONZE
Under 15 Female DMT - Sally Bennie (High Flyers) - 5th
Under 15 Female Synchro - Alyssa Gowrea (High Flyers) & Indiana Bamford (Southern Star) - SILVER
Under 17 Male Tramp - Christian Lambie (Southern Star) - GOLD, Joshua Goodwin (High Flyers) - SILVER, Roman Kirby (High Flyers) - 6th
Under 17 Male DMT - Roman Kirby - SILVER, Joshua Goodwin - 4th
Under 17 Male Synchro - Roman Kirby & Joshua Goodwin - GOLD, Patrick Freind & Christian Lambie - SILVER
Under 17 Female Tramp - Jacinta Flynn (Southern Star) - 5th
Under 17 Female Tumbling - Francesca Strangio (Peak) - BRONZE, Lara Mountain (Peak) - 6th
Under 17 Female Synchro - Lauren Griffiths (Peak) & Jacinta Flynn - GOLD, Bella Lewis (Peak) & Lucy Hagon (Peak) - 5th
17+ Male Tramp - Connor Dique (High Flyers) - 5th
17+ Male DMT - Lachlan Shellabear (Peak) - BRONZE
17+ Male Tumbling - Tim Di Nucci (High Flyers) - BRONZE
17+ Female Tumbling - Kayla Nel (HIgh Flyers) - SILVER
Youth Male Synchro - Dylan Nolan (High Flyers) & Dylan Scanlon (High Flyers) - SILVER
Youth Female Tramp - Mackenzie Jones (High Flyers) - BRONZE, Lara Reeves (High Flyers) - 5th, Olivia Webster (High Flyers) - 6th
Youth Female Synchro - Sally Bennie & Olivia Webster - 4th
Junior Male Synchro - Travis Kikalis (High Flyers) & Lachlan Robertson (High Flyers) - 4th
Junior Female Tramp - Sarah Jones (High Flyers) - 5th
Senior Male DMT - Connor Dique - 5th
Senior Female Tramp - Eva Kierath (Peak) - SILVER
Senior Female DMT - Keara Nel (High Flyers) - SILVER, Kayla Nel - 4th
Senior Female Synchro - Eva Kierath & Interstate Partner - GOLD
Female International TRP Team - SILVER - Eva Kierath, Sarah Jones, Francesca Strangio, Sally Bennie
Female Internaional DMT Team - BRONZE - Keara Nel, Kayla Nel, Olivia Webster

With so many amazing results listed above, there are obviously many, many people to congratulate and thank for getting our athletes to Melbourne fit and healthy and for ensuring that the team was able to perform to the best of their abilities.  Congratulations to all athletes for their performances during the championships, as well as to all the clubs and coaches for the time and effort spent in the gym preparing routines.  Thanks to the judges who volunteered their time to travel to Melbourne to support our athletes on the judging panel.  Thanks to our head Physiotherapist Jane Rooney and her team for getting our team onto the competition floor in the best shape possible.  The biggest thanks of all needs to go out to our volunteer Management Staff, headed up by Karon Williams in Week 1 and Helen Jones in Week 2.  The WA State Team would not be able to travel to the event without the support of all of our wonderful managers and assistant managers and Gymnastics WA are extremely grateful to have such hard-working and dedicated volunteers on our team each year.  

Great job TEAM!! Can't wait to do it all again in 2019 :)