Expressions of Interest - AER Sub-Committees

Passionate about Aerobic Gymnastics (AER)? Do you want to be part of the growth within the gymsport? The AER TC is looking for someone like you to join their Judges Invitational Sub-Committee and GymAbility Sub-Committee!
In 2016, Gymnastics WA reviewed the Technical Committees and re-structured them for 2017. As part of the re-structure, each Technical Committee have identified the need for sub-committees to assist in certain areas of the gymsport and these areas will be gymsport specific. The sub-committees are designed and developed to engage people who are currently not holding a key position on the Technical Committee.

There are expectations to being a member of a sub-committee which are as follows:

  • Attend all required meetings.
  • Complete the required term of office.
  • Committed to contributing & completing the required projects.
  • Pursue the best interest of the sport, the Association and its members.

Currently AER have identified the need for having sub-committees and are looking for volunteers with an interest in growing the gymsport. If you or someone at your club is interested in becoming a member of a sub-committee, please complete the Expression of Interest form and send to

Please Click Here  for the Expressions of Interest form.

If you require further information on the Sub-Committees of any other Gymsport, please contact