Pathways for the Future 

An exciting new initiative to ensure the sustainability of our sport.

Gymnastics WA is proud of the growth of our membership base and participation in gymnastics in the past 12 months. Surpassing 22,000 members for the first time, achieving 36% membership growth and actively providing services and support for our clubs, coaches and judges are just some of the key highlights.

Our coaches and judges play an integral role in our gymnastics community and are at the heart of what we do. We as an organisation simply won’t exist without you and your invaluable contributions to the sport as a collective. To ensure our pathway of future coaches and judges support this exponential growth, we have created Pathways for the Future.

What is Pathways for the Future?

Pathways for the Future is an exciting new initiative in which we actively review the current way we deliver services to best serve our gymnastics community. We will begin by engaging judges across our gymnastics community in a broad and deep consultation process whereby judges and all interested parties will have the opportunity to contribute. 

Following this, w
e will commence a series of ongoing conversations with a broad range of our gymnastics community. Some of the ways we will be initiating these open discussions are via focus groups, question and answer sessions, a dedicated section on our website providing you with the opportunity to voice your ideas for the future and we have a genuine desire to hear from our community. It is vital to hear from our judging community so we can co-design a new way of judge service delivery. We are committed to working together, in collaboration to retain, attract and support our judging community and ensure we have laid the foundations for the next generation of judges to service the needs of gymnastics more broadly.

To assist with this initiative, we have partnered with Jenny Hoffman from BlueHelix Consulting to design a consultation process that ensures we can hear from all of our different voices, including judges, coaches, clubs, athletes and parents to create tangible strategies for the future. This is all about the greater good for our sport and ensuring we are meeting the needs of our sport now and into the future. With your help, we will strive to position ourselves to continue to move gymnastics forward across all areas of our community.

Getting Involved

We are seeking the active participation of all of the people with whom we serve – clubs, judges, athletes, coaches, parents and our staff to be involved in individual interviews, group discussions, open forums and provide us with open and honest views on how we can attract new judges, retain our current judges and ensure our judging pool aligns with the growth of our sport now and into the future.

We welcome additions to our Pathways for the Future mailing list for updates regarding the new initiative. To sign up, click here

We look forward to working closely with you and hearing your ideas throughout this initiative to ensure continued growth of our great sport in 2022 and beyond.