Australia's Winning Edge

Australia's Winning Edge is the Australian Government's strategy for high performance sport from 2012 to 2022. Developed and led by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) with key partners in the sports sector, Australia's Winning Edge details ambitious performance targets which include:

- Top 5 Olympics and Paralympics;
- Top 15 Winter Olympics and Paralympics;
- #1 Commonwealth Games ; and
- 20+ World Champions annually

The ASC invests significantly in national sporting organisations including Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Western Australia to deliver high performance programs that will contribute to the achievement of these performance targets. Australia's Winning Edge is underpinned by the following priorities:

Investing for success: Investment is targeted to achieve the greatest chance of international success.
Planning to perform: Planning and review processes are contemporary and provide for elevated accountability across the sector.
- The right support: High performance athletes have the right support at the right time along their pathway to international success.
Good governance and capability: High performance sports and sector partners have the structure, workforce and leadership capacity to develop successful programs to achieve competitive results and to spend taxpayer funding effectively.
Evidence-based decisions: High performance sports and sector partners have a valid and robust evidence base on which to develop winning high performance programs.

To learn more about Australia's Winning Edge, visit the ASC website