About Us

Gymnastics WA vision is "Gymnastics: Start here, go anywhere".

The realisation of this vision can only be achieved through the implementation of our four strategic priorities:

Engage & Enthuse

• Improve the attraction of gymnastics programs for participants, parents, clubs and the general community.


• Ensure quality activities, programs, systems and initiatives are developed and implemented to deliver quality services and experiences.


• Facilitate opportunites for all participants and members to achieve their best from grassroots to high performance.

Endure and Expand

• Ensure GWA is a viable and sustainable association capable of implementing its strategic objectives.

With the focus on GWA's core values of integrity, leadership, respect and excellence, GWA's overaching strategic objective is to promote and develop Gymnastics for the enjoyment of all whilist achieveing significant growth in participation and satisfaction through safe and welcoming environments.

The plan also paves way for Gymnastics WA to grow participants from the ground up, with Gymnastics WA dedicated to developing physical, social and cognitive skills of participants through the LaunchPad initiative.

Please click here for the Gymnastics WA Strategy Summary 2014-2016