Go for 2&5 RG Challenge

 Event Date  27 - 29 July
 Entries Close  25 June
 Venue  State Gymnastics Centre
 Organised by  Gymnastics WA

 Athlete Entry Cost  $66.00 Per Individual 
 $36.00 Per Athlete Per Pair or Trio (One Routine)
 $51.00 Per Athlete Per Pair or Trio (Two Routines)
 $36.00 Per Athlete Per Group
$131.00 Per Aesthetic Group (total cost for group)
 Levels Eligible to Enter
Stage 1
Stage 2
National Level 3
National Level 4

Category 1 - 4 Pairs, Trios & Groups (of 4)
Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG)

 Qualification Requirements   Nil
 Qualification to Another Event?  Western Australian Junior Gymnastics Championships
 Spectator Entry Cost  Adults: $12.00
 Pensioners, Seniors & Students: $9.00
 Children Under 15: $6.00
 Family Pass (2 Adult, 2 Child): $29.00
 Members with ID Cards: Free
 Children Under 5: Free

Contact Name  Karyn Murray
Phone  (08) 9228 9399
Email  [email protected]

Event Documents


Event Schedule
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Event Schedule v2
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Event Work Plan
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Stage 1 Results
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Stage 2 Results
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Level 3 Results
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Level 4 Results
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Multiples Results
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