WAG Judges Invitational

 Event Date  8 - 10 September
 Entries Close  7 August
 Venue  State Gymnastics Centre
 Organised by  Gymnastics WA

 Athlete Entry Cost
 Levels Eligible to Enter
NL 3 - 10
IL 7 & 8
 Qualification Requirements  International Level Gymnasts must have registered with the GA National Pathways Coordinator prior to entering the event or have written to the WAG TC requesting special consideration. 

NL 7 - 10 Gymnasts must have passed their badge to be eligible for awards. 
 Qualification to Another Event?  State Championships 
Spectator Entry Cost
  (Cash only - ATM facilities located 
   in the Loftus Centre at Anjoy Cafe)

 Adults: $12.00
 Pensioners, Seniors & Students: $9.00
 Children Under 15: $6.00
 Family Pass (2 Adult, 2 Child): $29.00
 Members with ID Cards: Free
 Children Under 5: Free

Contact Name  Lucy Young
Phone  (08) 9228 9399
Email  [email protected]

Event Documents
Event Schedule
(Adobe PDF File)
Work Plan
(Adobe PDF File)
Judge Panels
(Microsoft Word Document)
Session 1A - NL 6 Results
(Adobe PDF File)
Session 1A - NL 7 Results
(Adobe PDF File)
Session 2A - NL 8 Results
(Adobe PDF File)
Session 2A - NL 9 Results
(Adobe PDF File)
Session 2A - NL 10 Results
(Adobe PDF File)