MAG Judges Team Invitational

Event Date 3rd - 4th  September 2016
Entries Close Monday 1st August 2016
Venue State Gymnastics Centre, Hall 1
Organised by Gymnastics WA

Athlete Entry Cost
$65.00 - Cost per athlete 

Spectator Entry Cost Adults: $12.00
Pensioners, Seniors & Students: $9.00
Children Under 15: $6.00
Family Pass (2 Adult, 2 Child): $29.00
Members with ID Cards: Free
Children Under 5: Free

Levels Eligible to Enter Level 1 
Level 2 U/7 & Open
Level 3 U/8 & Open
Level 4 U/9 & Open
Level 5 U/10 & Open
Level 6 Open

Level 8 (U/14)*
Level 9 (U/15 & U/17)*
Senior International*

*Athletes can compete at this event for competition experience if they have been selected onto a Gymnastics Australia National Team. Athletes will be judged on execution only and will not be eligible for awards.
Qualification Requirements All athletes in the Team must have passed their appropriate level badge to be included in a Team.

Athletes may badge test at this event but will only be included in the Team (and therefore be eligible for awards) if they are successful in passing their badge.

Qualification to
Another Event?

State Championships

Note: Only Teams who have participated in the Judges Team Invitational will be eligible for Team Awards at State Championships (this does not apply to Mixed Teams).

Contact Name Hayden Williams
Phone (08) 9228 9399

Level 1 
Level 2
Level 1 
Level 2
Event Documents
Event Schedule
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Work Plan
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Judging Panels
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Level 1 Team
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Level 2 Team
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Level 3 Team
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Level 4 Team
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Level 5 Team
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Level 6 Team
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Level 1 - 6 Mixed Team
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