Presenter and Assessor Hub

Presenters and assessors are vital to the success of coach and judge accreditation courses.

All Presenters and Assessors undergo detailed training and receive ongoing support to ensure they are well equipped to deliver inspiring and quality training. Presenters are responsible for ensuring a consistent message is delivered nationwide to budding coaches and judges. Assessors will determine if the coach/judge is competent to receive their accreditation.

Become a Presenter and Assessor

Think of a good presenter you have had the pleasure of working with: what qualities did they display? What made their course so good? Did any of the below qualities come to mind? 

Do you believe you possess the above skills? Why not join our cohort of Presenter and Assessors!

Review the
 Presenter and Assessor Policy for more information on pre requisites and other requirements. Then check out the Gymnastics WA Education Calendar for upcoming courses to register for.

Current Presenter and Assessors

If you currently hold a Presenter and Assessor Accreditation, information on what to do to upgrade and how to maintain currency of your accreditation is provided in the Presenter and Assessor Policy