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4 March 2022
Gymnastics WA COVID Safety Plan 2022 - WA Borders Transition

This document outlines Gymnastics WA’s measures in place to minimise the COVID-19 impact on the sport of gymnastics in Western Australia. This document relates to Gymnastics WA Member Clubs, Athletes, Technical Members and Staff. Please ensure that you and your staff/ volunteer members take the time to read through this document. If you have any questions please contact the staff at the office. 

COVID Transition (Level 2 Public Health and Social Measures) Directions

Please see the below directions endorsed by Chris Dawson, Commissioner of Police and State Emergency Coordinator. 

28 January 2022

After consultation with the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries we have gained clarification on where the sport of gymnastics falls regarding these new laws.

Gymnastics WA has received confirmation that gymnastics clubs are classified as community sport and, as such, are exempt from Proof of Vaccination requirements.

There are different exemptions to this rule

Each club will need to review their circumstance using the State Government’s publications and gather confirmation as to which of these categories they will fall under.

Differing situations that may deem an exemption to the “community sport” rule and will require mandatory vaccination checks within your facility may include:

  • Clubs located within a larger multipurpose venue, such as a recreation centre. The club must comply with the requirements of the venue.

Gymnastics WA strongly recommends reviewing the State Government website regularly as this is an ever-changing situation and will be the most up to date and relevant information for clubs to review.

Mid last week a communication was sent directly to clubs in regards to questions about the implementation of the upcoming Safe Transition Plan and its impact on clubs and members. This was an online google form for clubs to complete detailing their questions for the Association. Below are the most common and relevant answers from questions received, that are not addressed in the communication from the State Government:

  • Information relating to guidelines and definitions of close and casual contacts will be provided to clubs as soon as this is received from the State Government.

  • Venues, staff and patrons will have a shared responsibility when it comes to Proof of Vaccination, with venues required to take reasonable steps to ensure all patrons are double dose vaccinated or exempt where it has been deemed necessary.

  • All patrons of Loftus Recreation Centre, where the State Gymnastics Centre is located, are required to provide Proof of Vaccination upon entry. This includes all staff, coaches, athletes, volunteers, parents, spectators and other personnel over the age of 16.
    Gymnastics WA is awaiting communication from Loftus Recreation Centre as to how they will be managing this.

  • Refund policy applies to all competition withdrawals – Policy can be found in the Technical and Competitions Handbook on the Gymnastics WA Website under section 6.8. Also linked Here.

Separate communication will be distributed to members once Gymnastics WA has received confirmation from Loftus Recreation Centre as to how their policy will be implemented with Proof of Vaccination.

Linked below are the relevant communications from both the State Government and SportWest regarding recent information about the State’s Safe Transition Plan and the Proof of Vaccination laws coming into effect as of 31st January.

State Government

We hope that Gymnastics WA has answered the majority of the questions that clubs have had surrounding the introduction of Proof of Vaccination and its implementation within the community and we will update the community as frequently as possible if and when changes occur.

We thank you for working with Gymnastics WA throughout this process and will work with clubs to help guide you through these confusing times.

1 February 2022

The directions have now been updated to exclude community sport form the proof of vaccination requirements to entry.

Please follow the below link and read through this very important information.