Member Protection Information Officers

Member Protection Policy

Gymnastics Western Australia (GWA) Member Protection Policy has been developed to serve the best interest of its members. It clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities and expected behaviour of all members, employees, volunteers and visitors at GWA.  GWA is committed to provide an environment safe for children, which is free from harassment and abuse for everyone, and promotes respectful and positive behaviour and values.  The Membership Protection Policy provides a code of conduct forming the basis of appropriate and ethical conduct which everyone must abide by.  GWA is committed to the principles of The Essence of Australian Sport – principles of fairness, respect, responsibility and safety.  The Membership Protection policy is an essential part of GWA’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour.  GWA is committed to ensuring that everyone associated with the association complies with the policy.

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Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO)

Trained Member Protection Information Officers bring a number of benefits to an organisation. 
Sport and recreation organisations with trained MPIOs are in a better position to manage legal requirements regarding anti-harassment and child protection legislation as well as addressing insurance requirements that require appropriate risk management strategies to be in place. 
The training of MPIOs is a key requirement for sport and recreation organisations to achieve their ASC and state department of sport and recreation funding, in relation to the implementation of a national Member Protection Policy.

Gymnastics WA MPIO's

 Sally Cruttwell 0400 732 815    
 Michelle Francis 0407 193 540    

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